Tuesday, 19 July 2011


A local festival for local people it is indeed but the town of Kidderminster will be flooded with oddball performers and interesting events celebrating all things creative and inspiring.

Among the events is our very own FILMADDICT which is now in it's fifth run and will feature some of CARNIE's latest output along with other budding film-makers from the UK.

Click HERE to read an online brochure of the amazing happenings during KAF and get involved by supporting positive activity in small towns in need of inspiration!


Email us at carniefilms@googlemail.com or
kidderfilmaddict@hotmail.com for information on submitting YOUR short films for exhibition at the upcoming FILMADDICT.
Deadline 15th August


Please take the time to visit the site of our film-making friends at White Raven Films.
White Raven specialise in gore hound's delights with such shockers as Bonjour Monsieur Trepas, The Kidderminster Killer and their most recent (and most disgusting) Leon's Broken Mind which is currently doing the rounds at selected screenings and festivals much to the traumatised audience's displeasure!

Find out more about their upcoming films and antics by visiting www.whiteravenfilms.co.uk. That is all.

Thursday, 14 July 2011


CARNIE FILM PRODUCTION's friend; film-maker and reviewer ALEX BAKSHAEV spares a few words for CARNIE release THE CATALYST.

Bare all-eye exposition by clicking HERE to read the review over at Alex's blog TRASHFILMADDICT.
Thank you lovelies.

Monday, 11 July 2011


New short film in post production! Heres two posters...


CARNIE FILMS will be appearing at this year's NOZSTOCK: THE HIDDEN VALLEY, which runs between 29-31st July. A quaint yet colourful music festival in Bromyard, rural England brandishing a 'TWISTED CARNIVAL' theme and featuring mirthfully merry musical minstrels such as Adrian Edmondson and the Bad Shepherds, The Jim Jones Revue, ALABAMA3 and Sonic Boom Six! We CARNIES shall be boxed up in the Nozstock Cine'tent for a two hour slot presenting an ocean of twisted and vibrant short films and very odd performance pieces under the theme moniker FELLINI'S TOMB: A MEDITATION IN CLOWNING AROUND. CARNIE FILMS will be screening all new material such as SOLSTICE AT THE MIDLIFE CIRCUS, DISTANT MINDED THOUGHTS, NUNS: SERMON OF THE MAGPIE and the spanking new directors cut of THE CATALYST. More details are to follow along with a slew of shorts from CARNIE'S favourite guest directors!

For now get your tickets for NOZSTOCK: THE HIDDEN VALLEY over at www.nozstock.com and find out more about this truly wunderbar weekend!