Tuesday, 17 January 2012

TENDERNESS rough cut reviewed!

Online reveiwer and distributer Fred Anderson has reviewed a rough-cut of 'TENDERNESS'
Click HERE  read his thoughts! 

Monday, 9 January 2012


CARNIE FILMS is (out and) proud to announce the distribution of 'Tenderness'; a gay drama which is a Russian/ German co-production subtitled in English and directed by fellow film-maker and good friend Alex Bakshaev!

He left his distinctive footprints of low-budget film making in the U.K - now Alexander Bakshaev finally prepares to take over his motherland Russia.
With his newest project Tenderness - Zärtlichkeit the filmmaker takes it to a russian town to present it in the way he presents things best - in all their rugged, unpretentious rawness.

The short-film shows Franz (Pippo Schund), an unambitious young German, searching for his mother in Russia, after having received a mysterious letter from her. Franz hails from a monotonous life in Germany which has become indisputable truth for him. By failing to find his mother - the last symbol of jaunty tenderness in his life - Franz irreversibly falls into a dark hole of despair.

With this film Alexander Bakshaev proves his status as an underground phenomenon. On a low budget he digs into human psychology and paints a nearly surreal picture of failure, abandonment and misery. Without eexcessive pathos Tenderness - Z√§rtlichkeit is intruding construction of a young man‘s trials and tribulation.

TENDERNESS will be released in the very near future, expect selected UK screenings and more info soon!